San Ramon Dental Excellence – dentist in Sam Ramon, California

At San Ramon Dental Excellence, an outstanding dentist in San Ramon, they realise the importance of the trust their patients put in them. They understand that some people are very nervous about visiting their dentist and can become very anxious. They also appreciate that some people haven’t visited the dentist in years and years; they treat each new patient as a new beginning and will give a full assessment and discuss any treatment plan in full, explaining any costs that might be incurred with complete transparency.

Using the latest, up to date technology, they put the everyday needs of their patients first and you will never have to wait for more than five minutes in the waiting room. They will do everything to make your visit as pain-free as possible.

The practice has been treating patients in San Ramon, California, for 27 years and has treated over 4,000 happy smiles in the San Ramon area. Other areas that the practice serves are Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Blackhawk and Walnut Creek. You couldn’t be in safer hands than with the professional, friendly and approachable team at San Ramon Dental Excellence, which also trains other doctors, so you know you are getting the best quality care.

The practice offers general dentistry for all the family, alongside cosmetic dentistry treatments, orthodontics, dental implants and teeth whitening etc. Below we discuss a few of the treatments on offer a little more.

Teeth Whitening

Over the years, people’s teeth become discoloured. This can occur with age, from smoking, eating and drinking certain foods and drinks, such as red wine and coffee and even from medication, which can cause teeth staining on occasion. Stained teeth can cause embarrassment, with people not wishing to flash their full smile as they are too self-conscious.

However, there are many different teeth whitening options on the market these days. At San Ramon Dental Excellence, one of the products they use is ZOOM! ™ one hour teeth whitening. It is both safe, comfortable and affordable. If you have been embarrassed by your teeth, this treatment can produce significantly whiter results in a matter of minutes. The process can lighten your teeth by 6-10 shades in approximately 45 to 60 minutes, and without sensitivity issues.


Teeth whitening does not give permanent whitening results, however, you can use home whitening trays as a whitening top up. The practice can provide tailor-made home whitening kits, which fit specifically to your gum line, which reduces any risk of gum irritation. The bleaching agent is also stronger than those you can buy over the counter so it is more effective than store bought kits.

You can also help maintain the whiteness of your teeth by avoiding food and drink that may cause staining and also brushing your teeth twice a day.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a patient of the San Ramon Dental excellence, you can drop them a line

San Ramon Dental Excellencedentist in San Ramon

2301 Camino Ramon

Suite 282

San Ramon

CA 94583

Tel: California 925 866 8890



San Ramon Dental Excellence – dentist in Sam Ramon, California

Night and Day Emergency Dentist – an emergency dentist in Manchester

There have been reports in the media about an ‘oral health crisis’ spreading across the UK. It refers to the increased number of under 18 year-olds being admitted to hospital for teeth removal due to tooth decay. What is to blame for these increased tooth removal numbers? It seems, it could be the increased sugar in our diets.

Everyone is at risk of tooth decay, and children and adolescents are most at risk. Shortly after we eat food, plaque builds up on our teeth and if it is not removed, this starts the tooth decay process. Sometimes, tooth decay can become more serious and result in serious pain and even a dental emergency.

If you have dental pain, have broken a tooth, have had a sports injury, lost a filling or crown then contact the emergency dentist in Manchester on 07415 849 849. They will see you in an hour and you do not need to be registered. This is ideal if you are not registered at a dentist or if you are anxious about seeing a dentist or are visiting the UK on holiday.

Dental Emergencies that can be treated:-

  • Toothache
  • Broken tooth
  • Lost fillings
  • Swellings and abscesses
  • Painful gums
  • Tooth or wisdom tooth Infections
  • Pregnancy-related teeth problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Lost crown
  • Broken dentures

Night and Day Emergency Dentist consists of a group of dentists who want to make a change and provide fun, enjoyable and accessible dentistry for all. They realise it can be difficult to get a dental appointment when you really need one, having to take time off work and often having to wait for an overstretched dentist. With Night and Day Emergency Dentist, you don’t need to be registered with them, you simply call them and turn up! They want you to be seen within the hour whatever time of day it is.

The team at Night and Day Emergency Dentist understand that some patients may not have seen the dentist in a long time and they do not mind at all, there is no judgement. If you smoke, eat loads of sweets and chocolates, guzzle back fizzy drinks all day, they still want to serve you and to ultimately help to take any pain away. No one will ever make you feel less important. The team will ensure you have as pain-free experience as possible and get you home as soon as possible.

If you are in the UK on holiday or if it is a bank holiday weekend or public holiday such as Christmas and Easter, you can still be seen! Call 07415 849 849.


Night and Day Emergency DentistEmergency dentist Manchester

98 Mauldeth Road West


M20 1AB


Tel: 07415 849849



Night and Day Emergency Dentist – an emergency dentist in Manchester

Christchurch Dental – dentist in Ipswich

Christchurch Dental is an award-winning dental practice in the heart of Ipswich. If you are looking for 5 star dental treatment in the Suffolk area, you need look no further, The philosophy of Christchurch Dental is to treat their patients as they would wish to be treated themselves and they really take the time to get to know their patients in order to tailor to the patient’s needs.

The friendly and highly professional team are headed up by Dr Derek Van Staden who is the Director and Principal Dentist at the practice. They offer general dentist appointments as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures and hygiene appointments. These appointments are all provided with exceptional dentistry and the latest techniques and technology are used.

They are the only practice in Ipswich to have gained both the BDA Good Practice and the Denplan Excel accreditations and Dr Van Staden is a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you decide to become a patient at the practice, you will be provided with a 40 minute dental assessment and this extended consultation allows the dental practice to find out if you have any concerns about your oral health and they will also take detailed digital radiographs.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to see a dentist for years, this initial consultation is seen as your fresh start and the friendly team will put you at ease. You can then get a plan of what is needed for any dental treatment and you can opt for either a pay as you go system or potentially join one of their membership plans where you can spread the costs.

The dental practice has numerous positive testimonials, which can be seen here. If you would like to join the practice or find out any more information, please contact the dental practice on 01473 250 977 or you can find further contact details below.


Christchurch Dental – Dentist in Ipswich

69 Fonnereau Road







Tel: 01473 250 977

Christchurch Dental-logo

Christchurch Dental – dentist in Ipswich

Lindley Dental – dentist in Huddersfield

When you enter Lindley Dental in Huddersfield, you will be greeted with their friendly demeanour. At their practice, they are extremely proud of the treatments that they provide. They have a wide range of services from fillings, root canal treatment and full dentures. They put a large focus on preventative dentistry with dental health checks and maintenance & prevention also available.

Dental Health Check

Lindley Dental have a different standard for dental health checks. It isn’t just a quick look, they offer a comprehensive examination of your mouth but it isn’t too time consuming or designed to make you feel uncomfortable. The check takes place with four main steps. They examine your teeth, this is to look for any signs of decay or wear. Any pervious dental work you have had done will also be examined. Then the gums are checked for any sign of disease. Problems with your gums can cause extreme pain in the late stages, so it’s always best to spot it early. After this, they observe your soft tissue in your mouth. This is to look for any infections or signs of cancer. If found early, oral cancer can be treated. The final stage is testing your jaw joint. This is to investigate any pains or clicking and other noises.


Fillings are vital to general dentistry, Lindley Dental Centre are proud to offer a choice of filling materials for you to choose from. You can explore the options with them and find the best options for your needs and preferences. They offer silver fillings and a more modern option with modern white (a tooth colouring). Some white fillings can be directly applied, although larger examples are sent to a lab before being cemented in position.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment also called RCT can be a scary idea for people, especially if you’ve had a previously bad experience. At Lindley Dental, they take extra steps and measures to ensure you are comfortable throughout treatment. Every tooth has a soft mass called the pulp. When the tooth is healthy this has nerves and a blood supply, decay or injury can cause the pulp to become inflamed or even die. This can lead to several problems like infection or abscesses. The treatment is started with an x-ray in order to identify the number and shape of the canals. A local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure there is no discomfort. Preventative measure will be taken to ensure infection does not spread like using a rubber sheet around the tooth. The dentist will use fine instruments to remove the pulp and after this, the root will be filled. Depending on the condition of the tooth it may be recommend to have a crown fitted on the tooth.

If you would like to find out any more about the treatments mentioned or any other dental treatments, please contact the dental practice on the details shown below.

Tel: 01484 425192



Lindley Dental Centre

78 New Hey Road






Lindley Dental – dentist in Huddersfield

York Road Dental Practice – Dentist Wandsworth

At York Road Dentist Wandsworth we offer an extensive range of dental services from everyday check-ups and oral hygiene programmes to full smile makeovers using the latest practices in cosmetic dentistry. This includes teeth whitening, dental implants, ceramic crowns, Invisalign invisible braces and dental emergencies.

Cosmetic dentistry

It is important to maintain dental health as well as this a smile can be and inexpensive way to change appearance and improve self-confidence. We offer a wide range of services including bridges, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and iTero element.

Cosmetic dentistry will encompass a wide range of treatments depending on the results you desire. Dr Chaffe or Dr Patel will examine your current smile with a wide range of methods like photos, x-rays, models and detailed discussions. From this, a treatment plan can be designed to achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing results using our extensive skill set.

Bridges are an easy way to fill a missing gap however before you explore this option also consider dental implants.

Crowns are used as a protective cover for teeth that are fractured or badly decaying. They can also be used for restoration for teeth if fillings are unsuitable or to correct minor problems in natural teeth like irregularities or discolouration.

Dental veneers are custom made shells that are crafted from a thin tooth coloured material that is designed to cover the visible side of the tooth to improve its appearance.

iTero Element is a new way of taking your impressions in a “gag-free” way. iTero can reduce Invisalign fit issues by seven times if the case is started with it rather than those started with traditional impressions.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are an artificial tooth root replacements that is used to support restoration that looks like a tooth or group of teeth. We offer several different types of dental implants and use Ankylos to provide the implant products. We also treatment of existing implants you may have providing you can inform us of the make of implant system you have.

The implants are surgically placed titanium posts which resemble a screw shape and will act as a new root for the tooth. The implant will function just like your other teeth when chewing, talking and smiling. The implant treatment will often take place in two stages, first, the implant is installed and then once the jaw has healed the replacement teeth are implanted. It can be possible for teeth that are temporary to be attached to the implant when it is fitted. This dental practice can be used for cosmetic dentistry although we will try and use less invasive methods.

Cosmetic Orthodontics

We offer three main products Invisalign, Cfast and Inman Aligner. Invisalign is an invisible way to straighten your teeth. It operates with a series of transparent, comfortable and removable aligners which will straighten your teeth over a series of months. Cfast braces are clear and comfortable specialised fixed braces which straighten your teeth in approximately six months. Inman Aligner is a transparent plastic retainer with two spring loaded aligner bars which give a constant but gentle pressure on the teeth, slowly manipulating them back into place.


York Road Dentist Wandsworth Town

372 Old York Road

Wandsworth Town


SW18 1SP


Tel: 02088 745946




York Road Dental Practice – Dentist Wandsworth

Emergency Dentist Paddington – London W2

Dental emergencies can be very painful and sometimes it is important for a person to see a dentist immediately, without waiting for an appointment.

Bayswater Dental Clinic are offering an Emergency Dentist in Paddington, London’s W2, with easy access from Paddington, Bayswater, Marble Arch, Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, Queensway and Royal Oak. The dental clinic is within 2-5 minutes’ walk from these underground and train stations and you can be treated on the same day to solve the dental pain or dental problem. If you are travelling by car, you can park in the Westminster Street Parking Zones, which are around £2.90 per hour.

New patients are welcome to the Emergency Dentist and there is no need to be a registered patient at the dental practice to benefit from its services.

Emergency Dentist Fees

The fees are very transparent and are published in advance. They depend on the type of treatment required, such as root canal treatment, tooth extraction etc, the skill and experience of the dentist you are seeing, the complexity of the treatment being provided and the length of time it will take to complete the emergency treatment.

Emergency Dentist Treatments

There is a team of highly trained professional dentists on hand to provide emergency dental services and regardless of the dental problem; they will resolve 99% of issues.

Some of the dental emergencies that the team treat are:

  • Broken teeth
  • Wisdom tooth pain
  • Tooth extractions
  • Root canal treatment
  • Fixing lost crowns, bridges or veneers
  • Broken dentures
  • Swollen jaw
  • Gum or tooth pain
  • Bleeding
  • Dental trauma

You will be seen on the same day by one of the team, who will provide excellent care and an added bonus is that they also speak many different languages in the clinic. All worldwide dental insurances are welcomed.

If you require an emergency dentist in London call 020 3897 8778 or 07885 532 883


Bayswater Dental Clinic

1 Cervantes Court

Inverness Terrace



W2 6JE

Tel: 020 3897 8778 or 07803 928338



Bayswater logo

Emergency Dentist Paddington – London W2

Gunn Dental Care – dental implants in Leeds

Gunn Dental Care is a dentist in Bramhope, Leeds. The dental practice has a professional, highly skilled and caring team who are on hand to assist with all your dental needs. This could be a routine check-up or hygienist appointment or a cosmetic dentist treatment, such as teeth straightening option Invisalign or dental implants, which are a great option for replacing missing teeth.

New patients are always welcome at the practice and the initial visit will include a check-up to see how healthy your teeth and gums are. If they discover any dental problems, they will work out an action plan you are happy with to get your oral healthcare back on track.

Alongside general dentistry and family dentistry, the dental practice offers cosmetic dentistry options. Below we focus on dental implants in Leeds.

Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or teeth or loose dentures, it can cause a whole host of issues, such as being sore, it can affect what you can eat and your speech and your general self-esteem can be affected. Dental implants should be considered as a great option to solve these issues.

Dental implants are generally able to be fitted to people of all ages and your dentist can discuss the condition of your teeth and what your best solution would be. They are a safe long-term solution.

Once it is established that you are suitable for dental implants, your dentist will formulate your dental plan. The dental implants act like your natural tooth root and a titanium root is placed into the jawbone and fuses with the bone surrounding it. This process takes around 3-6 months and a very solid base is established, which can then be used to fit the crown, bridge or denture.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Once fitted, dental implants are very strong and durable and act as your natural tooth would
  • Dental implants protect the jawbone from shrinking, which occurs when teeth are missing
  • They can help prevent existing teeth from moving around
  • They can improve your speech and the ability to chew foods
  • They don’t affect any of your remaining teeth
  • Can improve your self-confidence as they give improved appearance and the ability to eat more friendly

If you would like to join Gunn Dental Care or would like to find out more about dental implants or any other dental treatments, please feel free to contact the practice on 0113 395 3000 or you can book an appointment through their website.

Gunn Dental Care

Tredgold Crescent



LS16 9BR


Tel: 0113 468 9416



Gunn logo

Gunn Dental Care – dental implants in Leeds