Diamond Dental Care – dentist in Dalmuir, Clydebank

Diamond Dental Care – dentist in Dalmuir, Clydebank

Diamond Dental Care, the dentists, based in Dalmuir, Clydebank, offer a full range of NHS treatment (except orthodontics). http://www.diamonddentalcare.co.uk

Alongside this general dentistry, they offer cosmetic dentistry options such as:-

Tooth coloured fillings

Amalgam silver,  mercury – based fillings have saved many teeth from extraction for over 150 years, but a lot of people are self-conscious about these dark fillings, especially if they are very large. If you are fed up with unsightly silver fillings in your back teeth, ask your dentist for a quote the next time you need a filling replaced. White fillings on back teeth are not available on the NHS.

Private crowns and dentures

They specialise in cobalt chrome partial dentures and high-quality acrylic dentures, using top quality materials made to last.

Crowns are used to protect broken or decayed teeth, and strengthens your existing tooth and maintain its functionality. Materials for crowns can vary, from gold to a metal alloy fused to an outer casing of porcelain. With time, the metal can show through the porcelain, giving a dark gum line that can be unattractive when you smile.

Private crowns can be made from all-porcelain or ceramic to give a natural cosmetic look.

Teeth whitening

Whiten your precious smile with the professionals. Call the practice today for your tooth whitening consultation; only Dentists can safely, legally and expertly brighten your smile.

The General Dental Council, the organisation that regulates dental professionals in the UK, considers that tooth whitening is a form of dentistry.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers and Botox

If you wish to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, replace lost volume or enhance your lip line, call their team today for a consultation with their facial aesthetics practitioner.

White Braces for Adults

The Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth techniques employ the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to move your teeth quickly and safely. The key components of the treatment are the use of unique, clear braces that are barely visible. The primary focus of treatment is moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Diamond Dental Care are a short walk from Dalmuir train station, but patients come from Glasgow, Dumbarton, Alexandria, Erskine, Paisley, Helensburgh and beyond.

Diamond Dental Care will happily answer any questions you have about dental health and how to improve your smile. Also, they are offering free consultations for facial aesthetic treatments, so feel free to call them today and discuss your options on 0141 952 1692.


Diamond Dental Care – dentist in Dalmuir, Clydebank

Dentist Alderley Edge – The Edge Dental


The Edge Dental is a dental practice based in Alderley Edge, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide their customers with the highest quality dental care when it suits them. The team of experienced dentists offer the latest techniques in preventative dental care, cosmetic and specialist dental treatments.

Their aim is to provide a family friendly dental service in a relaxed environment to ensure the patient’s visit is a pleasant and happy experience, always.

The Alderley Edge dentist provides all the usual services you would expect from a great dentist, such as hygienist, fillings, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth and dentures for patients. This is offered alongside teeth straightening, cosmetic dentistry and also facial aesthetics.

The principal dentist at this dental practice in Alderley Edge is Dr Rizwan Khawaja, also known as Riz by his patients, who graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010. As a certified dentist in Inman Aligner treatments, Riz has a passion for cosmetic dentistry. He is also working towards specialising in restorative dentistry in the near future.

Teeth Straightening

The dentist in Alderley Edge offers various teeth straightening options, these include Invisalign, the nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. Six Month Smiles, where the braces are visible but the tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets means they are much more discreet than normal braces. The Inman Aligner, this offers an effective solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. Cfast, is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth. Finally, Lingual Braces, these fit onto the back of your teeth and are an extremely discreet way of fixing a variety of orthodontic problems compared to traditional metal braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The services the dental practice offers under the cosmetic dentistry bracket includes crowns, veneers, bridges and tooth whitening.

Facial Aesthetics

If you are considering non-surgical cosmetics for a more youthful look, they use only the most modern techniques in facial aesthetics to ensure the best results in a safe and professional environment.

The Edge dental is regulated by the GDC (General Dental Council) so you know you are in safe hands. Why not book a consultation today.

The Edge Dentaldentist in Alderley Edge

6b London Road

Alderley Edge




Tel 01625 599 001

Email: info@theedgedental.co.uk

Website: http://www.theedgedental.co.uk

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Dentist Alderley Edge – The Edge Dental

Dentist Bangor – Helens Bay Dental Practice

helens-bay-logoTheir team of dentists in Bangor, Northern Ireland, thrive on the principle of providing high quality dental care in surroundings which are comfortable and relaxing. Their aim is to treat all of their dental patients as individuals and to protect and maintain their teeth through the very best dental care in Bangor.

Being a patient of their practice presents you with the opportunity to access the most up-to-date and innovative dental treatments such as Same Day Smile, Six Month Smiles, CEREC 3D and Invisalign. Their dedicated team of dentists and dental support staff are progressive and enthusiastic in their approach to modern dentistry. They also offer a budgeting plan that enables their patients to spread the cost of treatment on a monthly basis and 0% finance options are available.

Same Day Smile

The Bangor dental practice now offers A “Smile in a Day” procedure using the All-on-Four dental implant technique, which is the optimal solution for those who have lost or are about to lose all of their upper and/or lower teeth. With this procedure, you can come as close to having a new set of permanent teeth as is currently possible.

Those who replace their dentures with All-on-Four dental implants will never have to remove their replacement teeth again for cleaning because their new teeth can be cleaned and maintained just like a natural set of teeth.

If you are looking at the possibility of having to wear dentures but choose All-on-Four dental implants, you will never have to experience the crippling effects of loose dentures, being unable to eat the foods you enjoy, messy adhesives, removing teeth at night, the embarrassment of dentures slipping during speech or smiling or the bad breath associated with wearing dentures.

Six Month Smiles

Helens Bay Dental Practice are also now pleased to offer the Six Month Smile®, tooth straightening system.

Six Month Smiles® is a fast, effective and simple way of straightening your teeth, using a more discreet method than normal brackets and braces. Six Month Smile allows minor tooth movement using tooth-coloured brackets and wires, which are comfortable, safe and a fast method of moving teeth to a desired position. Treatment time is approximately 6 months.

CEREC – same day crowns

CEREC is now available in the Bangor dentist. It is a method used by thousands of dentists worldwide since 1987 not only to replace metal fillings, but also to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, broken, etc. to its natural strength and beauty. Better yet, it’s done with all-ceramic materials that are tooth colored in a single appointment!


Another option available at the dentist in Bangor is Invisalign. It is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners that has been proven effective in both clinical research and in practices nationwide. So whether your teeth are crowded, too far apart or have shifted since wearing braces, you will have a new reason to smile. Dr Sarah Lochhead, based in the County Down dental practice, has now achieved Silver status as an experienced Invisalign doctor.

For further no obligation information on any of the above treatments or to join the dental practice, please just contact:

Helens Bay Dental Practice – Dentist Bangor

1B Station Square

Helens Bay


County Down

BT19 1TN

Tel  02891 851221

Email : helensbaydental@dental-design-clients.co.uk

Web : http://www.helensbaydental.co.uk/


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Dentist Bangor – Helens Bay Dental Practice