Rejuvenate at Smilepod: Facial Aesthetic treatments

Smilepod Dentist in London offers much more than just traditional dental treatments – they also have a range of facial aesthetic treatments that may help you maintain or achieve a more youthful appearance.

This article relates to the following Smilepod Facial Aesthetic treatments London:

Botox Bank, Botox Canary Wharf, Botox Covent Garden, Botox Holborn, Botox Moorgate, Botox Soho

Dermal Fillers Bank, Dermal Fillers Canary Wharf, Dermal Fillers Covent Garden, Dermal Fillers Holborn, Dermal Fillers Moorgate, Dermal Fillers Soho

Lip Fillers Bank, Lip Fillers Canary Wharf, Lip Fillers Covent Garden, Lip Fillers Holborn, Lip Fillers Moorgate, Lip Fillers Soho

Laser Hair Removal Bank, Laser Hair Removal Canary Wharf, Laser Hair Removal Covent Garden, Laser Hair Removal Holborn, Laser Hair Removal Moorgate, Laser Hair Removal Soho

Skin Peels Bank, Skin Peels Canary Wharf, Skin Peels Covent Garden, Skin Peels Holborn, Skin Peels Moorgate, Skin Peels Soho

Dermal Rollers Bank, Dermal Rollers Canary Wharf, Dermal Rollers Covent Garden, Dermal Rollers Holborn, Dermal Rollers Moorgate, Dermal Rollers Soho

What are facial aesthetics?

These are a combination of treatments that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plump up the skin and rejuvenate the skin promoting a smoother and more youthful look. Over time sun and weather exposure can mean skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles and lines form from repeated expressions over time – for instance the frown lines on your forehead. The Facial Aesthetic treatments at Smilepod can help to significantly soften these lines and wrinkles and reveal a younger looking you. Facial treatments relax the muscles in your face which have led to the formation of lines and wrinkles. In just a few days you will be able to enjoy a more relaxed, youthful appearance and smoother, younger looking skin. So if you are looking for a therapy to prevent premature ageing or would like to maintain your youthful appearance then Smilepods facial smoothing treatments may be exactly what you need – why not come in for a FREE consultation and see if you are suitable. Your dentist will provide you with a bespoke treatment plan and if you are happy with this you can begin your treatment.

All of the injectable treatments at Smilepod are carried out by professional, friendly and highly trained dentists in a clean and clinical environment – the dentists here are experienced experts in facial aesthetic treatments and are qualified to carry out these therapies. They have the advantage of rigorous medical training and an in depth understanding of facial architecture.

After a discussion about your wishes and your problem areas, a thorough assessment of your facial area will be carried out to determine your facial concerns and find the very best course of treatment for you. Your consultant will discuss treatment options with you and there is no obligation to continue with treatments.

What facial aesthetic treatments are available?

Botox in London – locations available : Botox Bank, Botox Canary Wharf, Botox Covent Garden, Botox Moorgate, Botox Soho, Botox Holborn

Botox (‘Botulin toxin’) is a type of purified protein which is injected into the facial muscles and works by blocking the nerve signals that tell muscles to contract – it temporarily relaxes muscles. Because the muscles are no longer able to contract, the dynamic motion which causes wrinkles in the skin is reversed. There is no loss of sensory feeling in the muscles during this process and the most popular areas for treatment are the forehead, between the eyes (glabellar region) and the corners of the eyes (‘crow’s feet’). Smilepods anti-aging treatments can give you a smoother, more youthful complexion with fewer visible lines and wrinkles.

The highly experienced dentists at Smilepod use Azzalure for your facial injectable. Azzalure is a type of Botulinum Toxin – the same material that is found in Botox. The treatment itself is virtually painless, takes around 10-20 minutes and requires minimal downtime with very little, if any, swelling or bruising.

Smilepod offer three areas of treatment to target frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. These three treatments will leave you looking younger, fresher and revitalised in just one hour! This treatment is excellent for a special occasion when you want to look your very best.

It takes around 3-10 days to notice the full effects from Botox – the skin above the muscles becomes smoother, wrinkles are greatly reduced and facial expressions are softened. Smilepod invite you to come back for a free review within two weeks of your treatment to see how you are feeling. The effects of Botox last approximately 3-4 months after which you can have a top up treatment. Botox treatment at Smilepod is available in the following areas : Botox Bank, Botox Canary Wharf, Botox Covent Garden, Botox Holborn, Botox Moorgate, Botox Soho.

Anti-wrinkle injectables 1 area 2 area 3 area
Female £199 £269 £329
Male £249 £319 £379
Face Botox London
Face Botox London

Dermal Fillers in London – locations available: Dermal Fillers Bank, Dermal Fillers Canary Wharf, Dermal Fillers Covent Garden, Dermal Fillers Holborn, Dermal Fillers Moorgate, Dermal Fillers Soho  

As skin ages it can lose elasticity and lines and wrinkles can form. Dermal fillers are used to plump up and fill in facial lines and wrinkles restoring a smoother complexion. They can help to provide a younger and fresher appearance by restoring or enhancing the lost volume in your cheeks and nose-to-mouth lines leaving your face rejuvenated.

Marionette lines (the long vertical lines from the corners of your lips to your chin) and nose to mouth lines can be successfully treated with dermal fillers. Fillers are gently and precisely injected into the problem areas to immediately provide a plumped up less lined result. The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary and will last approximately 12-18 months.

Dermal fillers at Smilepod are available in the following areas: Dermal Fillers Bank, Dermal Fillers Canary Wharf, Dermal Fillers Covent Garden, Dermal Fillers Holborn, Dermal Fillers Moorgate, Dermal Fillers Soho.

Dermal Fillers London
Dermal Fillers London

Emervel Lip Enhancement in London – locations available: Lip Fillers Bank, Lip Fillers Canary Wharf, Lip Fillers Covent Garden, Lip Fillers Holborn, Lip Fillers Moorgate, Lip Fillers Soho

The Emervel lip product is tailor-made for the sensitive tissue around the lips. It is designed specifically to increase volume and to enhance or balance the lips leaving you with natural looking fuller lips free from tell-tale lip lines. It is a very gentle treatment that creates a beautifully shaped final result with your choice of a subtle natural appearance or a more pronounced augmentation. Lip fillers are available in the following locations: Lip Fillers Bank, Lip Fillers Canary Wharf, Lip Fillers Covent Garden, Lip Fillers Holborn, Lip Fillers Moorgate, Lip Fillers Soho.

Dermal Fillers Emervel 1ml vial Additional vial
Emervel 1ml vial £259 £199
Lip Fillers London
Lip Fillers London

Laserpod Laser Hair Removal in London – locations available: Laser Hair Removal Bank, Laser Hair Removal Canary Wharf, Laser Hair Removal Covent Garden, Laser Hair Removal Holborn, Laser Hair Removal Moorgate, Laser Hair Removal Soho

Laserpod is a modern skin clinic located in Smilepod’s Moorgate branch. They specialise in pain-free, fast, safe and affordable laser hair removal – a better solution for removing unwanted hair! It also has the benefit of being the most permanent form of hair removal as it targets hair follicles with a single light wavelength. The light pulse impedes the ability of the hair follicle to re-grow which results in smooth hair-free skin. It is suitable for most areas of the face and body and is suitable for most skin types. Treatment is fast, pain-free and discrete with no recovery period so if you are looking for Laser Hair Removal in Moorgate London then contact Smilepod for a FREE consultation.

Laser Hair Removal London
Laser Hair Removal London

Laserpod Skin Peels in London – locations available: Skin Peels Bank, Skin Peels Canary Wharf, Skin Peels Covent Garden, Skin Peels Holborn, Skin Peels Moorgate, Skin Peels Soho

Laserpod skin peels are non-invasive treatments aimed at addressing various skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, scarring or premature ageing. The peels take just 20 minutes and can be easily performed over a lunch hour. After treatment has been completed you are able to carry on with your day to day activities with just a little redness. So if you are looking for a Skin Peel in Moorgate London then contact Smilepod for a FREE consultation.

Skin Peel London
Skin Peel London

Derma Rollers in London – locations available: Dermal Rollers Bank, Dermal Rollers Canary Wharf, Dermal Rollers Covent Garden, Dermal Rollers Holborn, Dermal Rollers Moorgate, Dermal Rollers Soho

The derma roller treatment is a process of rolling a high quality titanium roller over the surface of the skin to kick start the skins natural healing process. It is one of the safest and most affordable treatments for acne scarring, atrophic scars, cellulite, pigmentation, stretch marks, rejuvenation, skin tone & softening lines and wrinkles. The treatment usually takes 15-20 minutes on the face and 30-45 on the body, depending on surface area. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the area prior to treatment so you should only experience mild discomfort. The skin is left with a slight sunburnt appearance which will subside in around 24 hours.

Derma Rollers London
Derma Rollers London

If you are interested in any of these treatments then please contact Smilepod; Smilepod offers same day appointments in a choice of 7 central London Locations: Bank (City), Canada Place (Canary Wharf), Jubilee Place (Canary Wharf), Covent Garden (West End), Moorgate (City/Islington), Soho (West End), Holborn. Evening and weekend appointments are also available. Initial consultations are free and the consultant will be able to offer you friendly clinical advice with discounts available should you choose to treat more than one area.

There are 7 conveniently located Dentist London smilepod studios:

Smilepod Rejuvenate Bank (near Leadenhall Market): 18-20 Cullum Street, London EC3M 7JJ

Smilepod Rejuvenate Canary Wharf: Canada Place, Canary Wharf London E14 5HX

Smilepod Rejuvenate Canary Wharf: Jubilee Place Canary Wharf London E14 5NY

Smilepod Rejuvenate Covent Garden: 23 Rose Street, London WC2E 9EA

Smilepod Rejuvenate Soho: 56 Poland Street, London W1F 7NN

Smilepod Rejuvenate Moorgate: 24 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4TY

Smilepod Rejuvenate Holborn: 16 Procter Street, London WC1V 6NX

Tel: 0207 836 6866

Botox London Website:

Dentist London Email:

Rejuvenate at Smilepod: Facial Aesthetic treatments

Geans Dental in Prestwood, Great Missenden

Our Practice

We are a contemporary dental practice serving the Buckinghamshire area. We are focused on how the health of your mouth affects the health of your body, ultimately enhancing your quality of life. Our experienced team of professionals will help you to feel great about your healthy and comfortable smile. Relax in our fully air conditioned surgery suite.

Geans Dental

Our Treatments

At Geans Dental we place huge emphasis on providing evidence based treatments, using the latest and best techniques in our well-equipped facilities. Treatments include Cosmetic dentistry such as Tooth Whitening, Adult Orthodontics and Dental Implants. General Dentistry such as Crowns and Bridges, Aesthetic Dentistry and Hygiene & Periodontal treatments.

Our highly experienced team of Dental Hygienists provide advice and coaching on how you can best take care of your mouth. This helps you to maintain your quality of life by reducing your risks of disease in the teeth and gums.

Are you looking for high quality dental care?

Our modern dental practice is where you go to seek advice and receive treatment to maintain the oral health and improve the overall appearance of your smile. We are here for you and the rest of your family. We are also open evenings and Saturdays to suit everyone’s individual needs.

Contact us today to find out more:
Geans Dental, 3 Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 0NZ
T: 01494 866138

Geans Dental in Prestwood, Great Missenden

Specialist Orthodontic Practice – Only Orthodontics in Bournemouth, Dorset

Our Practice

Are you looking for a practice that specialises specifically in straightening teeth? Well, look no further! Orthodontics is all we do- it’s our speciality.

We are a specialist orthodontic practice delivering high quality private and NHS orthodontic care to both children and adult patients.

As a specialist orthodontic practice this means we offer orthodontic treatment exclusively.  Our orthodontists are on the specialist orthodontic list with the General Dental Council, the only governing body in dentistry.

Only Orthodontics

Our Treatments

We are proud to provide a wide range of high quality private orthodontic treatments to our patients including Invisalign, Incognito, Clear Ceramic Braces, Clear Removable Braces, Lingual Hidden Braces and Tooth Coloured Porcelain Fixed Appliances.

Are you looking for a specialist Orthodontist?

Treatments could range from simple alignments, taking as little as six months, through to comprehensive complex orthodontic treatments taking longer. We can provide full upper and lower appliances for more advanced cases, which may also require jaw surgery. We aim to offer our patients the best possible appliance to suit their clinical, aesthetic and financial needs.

We recognise that your first visit to an Orthodontist may be a daunting prospect; however we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that in most cases your initial consultation involves little more than an examination of the mouth and face followed by a discussion.

Contact us today to find out more:
Only Orthodontics, 40 Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH4 8ER
T: 01202 765808

Specialist Orthodontic Practice – Only Orthodontics in Bournemouth, Dorset

Dentist Huddersfield – Fresh Smile Clinic

Dentist Huddersfield – Fresh Smile Clinic

The Fresh Smile Clinic is a dentist in the Brighouse area of Huddersfield – they are a professional friendly dental practice who are dedicated to providing you with the best care and dental treatment. If you are looking for a dentist in Huddersfield, somewhere where you will feel relaxed and where the staff are friendly and enthusiastic then this is the place to come!

Fresh Smile Clinic - Dentist Brighouse Huddersfield
Fresh Smile Clinic – Dentist Brighouse Huddersfield

The dentists here understand that each patient has different requirements and the staff here will treat you like an individual and will listen to any dental concerns you may have. They have a professional yet friendly manner and attitude which will put you at ease and mean you can feel completely confident that any treatment you have will be successful. This is why they have a large number of satisfied, delighted customers endorsing their skills and have many glowing reviews on their website. They have extensive knowledge and are skilled in the latest dental techniques and use the newest materials available for your treatment. They provide a 12 month guarantee on specific treatments for patients who attend regularly and offer a money back guarantee for any tooth implant that they perform. They have performed over 1000 successful dental implants so if you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Huddersfield then give the Fresh Smile Clinic a call.

The clinic itself is beautifully and comfortably decorated to provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere. At the Fresh Smile Clinic the dentists endeavour to be as flexible as possible to suit your lifestyle. They understand that when you have a dental emergency or are in pain you want to see the dentist as soon as possible which is why they guarantee to see all emergency cases on the same day.  The dentists also understand that not everyone can take time off work in the middle of the week for a dental appointment which is why they provide late night opening at least one evening during the week and also open on a Saturday morning.

Fresh Smile Clinic - Dentist Brighouse Huddersfield
Fresh Smile Clinic – Dentist Brighouse Huddersfield

The Fresh Smile Clinic dentist in Huddersfield strives to put you, as the patient, first – they follow up after any treatment to check how you are as they are concerned about your well-being. They are also very competitively priced and understand that it may suit your budget to pay for your treatment on a monthly basis – especially if you need a lot of dental work which can get expensive – which is why they offer a monthly payment plan.

If you are anxious about visiting the dentist then this dentist in Huddersfield is the place to come. The dentists at the Fresh Smile Clinic are experienced in dealing with nervous or anxious Patients – they have been treating nervous patients for over 20 years now. Dr Kirin Punia is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist and has plenty of experience dealing with patients that are just a little nervous but also with patients that have more serious phobias. The dentists at this Huddersfield clinic understand your worries and fears and will put you at ease and make you feel as relaxed as possible when having any treatment – they will tailor make a plan specifically for you no matter what your anxiety level. Your dentist will explain the treatment needed on your teeth clearly and will also keep you informed at every stage of your treatment.

The Fresh Smile Clinic are also skilled at dealing with children and try to encourage preventative dentistry. They recommend that you bring your child to see the dentist as soon as their first teeth have emerged. This way they will get used to the environment and feel at ease with the surroundings. They will also offer parents useful advice in looking after their children’s teeth.

So if you are looking for an enthusiastic and caring dentist in Huddersfield then give the Fresh Smile Clinic a call.

Fresh Smile Clinic – Dentist Huddersfield

2 High Street, Brighouse, Huddersfield HD6 1DE

Tel : 01484 714640

Email :

Web :

Dentist Huddersfield – Fresh Smile Clinic

Queens Cross teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Aberdeen

With the ever increasing desire for a healthy looking smile, more and more people are finding tooth whitening an easy, safe and inexpensive way of giving their smile a brighter and whiter overhaul.

Over time, our teeth naturally start to discolour. Even with the most impeccable tooth cleaning routine our teeth will darken as we get older. Our lifestyle and consumption of particular food and drink items such as coffee and red wine can significantly increase this discolouration process. So too can smoking- slowly turning teeth from white to yellow or grey.
Our convenient home bleaching kits give patients a brilliant result within just 1-2 weeks.

Tooth bleaching doesn’t last permanently and will need to be repeated regularly in order to maintain whiteness. Although some people can notice results for a number of years, most dentists agree that tooth bleaching generally lasts around 10-12 months before it needs “topping up”.

Tooth whitening is suitable for use on the majority of patients however whitening is not effective on manufactured teeth- such as crowns, veneers or fillings. Likewise, patients with Flourosis or tertracycline stained teeth may be unaffected.

Queens Cross teeth whitening

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, usually made of titanium, that are placed into your jawbone to support replacement teeth. They are a method of replacing missing teeth or can also be used to support dentures or fixed bridges. They may be an option for people who have lost teeth due to disease, an injury, or for some other reason. A single dental implant can be used to support one or more replacement teeth and just like a natural tooth root it will fit directly into your jawbone and hold false teeth in place.

Anatomy of healthy teeth and dental implant in jaw bone
Anatomy of healthy teeth and dental implant in jaw bone

The dental implant itself is a metal post which has an internal screw or clip with an artificial tooth attached to the top of it. Dental Implants are a safe and well-established treatment and, much like natural teeth, may last for the rest of your life if the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy and if you look after them properly, maintain good oral hygiene and attend regular maintenance appointments.

If you lose even one tooth, the bone in the area of that tooth shrinks while the other areas stay intact. Dental implants help to preserve your jawbone and prevent the natural shrinkage that can occur with bone loss.  A bridge or removable partial denture does not preserve or maintain your bone in the same way.

Dental implants
Dental implants

The Dental Implant Process

The Dental Implant process itself will involve at least one operation. You need to be in good general and oral health, have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease. You must also have adequate bone in your jaw to support the implant. Typically a single implant can support one or more replacement teeth and should you wish to replace all of your teeth with implants then this would require at least six implants in your upper jaw and between four and six in your lower jaw.

Dental Implant treatment normally comprises of two stages:

  • The first stage involves a titanium post being planted into a hole in your jaw bone with a local anaesthetic. Sometimes your dentist might give you a sedative if you are feeling very nervous or if your case is a complicated one. General anaesthetics are rarely used in dental implant procedures and are usually only used for complicated cases. The gum is then stitched after the insertion of the titanium rod and your jawbone will eventually fuse with the post – this process typically takes several months. If you are having one, two or three teeth replaced, you may have a temporary denture in the meantime for aesthetic reasons. If you already have full dentures, you can keep wearing these while your implants are healing however these will need to be altered, to fit properly after the surgery, and a ‘healing cap’ will usually be placed onto the implant site to protect it.
  • The second part of the Dental Implant process involves attaching the replacement artificial tooth to the titanium rod which involves a small cut in the gum above the dental implant. The replacement tooth might be fixed permanently (like a crown or a bridge) or attached in such a way that will let you remove it for cleaning (like a denture). Usually the replacement artificial teeth are fitted onto the dental implants 3 to 4 months after they are put in. Sometimes treatment may take longer and your dentist will be able to talk to you about your treatment timescales.
Dental implant
Dental implant – multiple teeth

Immediate Dental Implants

In certain cases, such as if you know you are about to lose a tooth, the artificial replacement teeth may be fitted at the same time as the implants are placed – these are called ‘Immediate Implants’. You will have to check with your dentist to see whether this treatment is suitable for you.

If you are in the position where you have to lose a tooth, it may be the best option to replace it with an implant on the same day or within the first 6 months after losing it to prevent jaw bone loss.

An immediate dental implant will only be possible if:

  • The bone around the failing tooth is intact
  • The gum and the surrounding area is infection free

Immediate implants can save months of waiting for the new tooth to be placed and will reduce the number of visits you need to make to the dentist but they are not suitable for everyone.

Are you suitable for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are not suitable for everyone due to various reasons:

  • If you are a smoker some dentists won’t insert dental implants as it can affect the outcome of the treatment. If you are a smoker and want to receive treatment you will probably need to give up smoking for at least a month before the procedure. Giving up smoking will substantially improve your chances and prevent any future harm to your body that smoking could cause.
  • If your alcohol intake is high or you regularly drink to excess it is likely you will be denied treatment. Your level of alcohol consumption may have a direct effect on your suitability for implants. Alcohol can seriously retard the healing process which can result in a higher chance of failure.
  • A weakened immune system can compromise the healing process involved in the success of a dental implant. You may be immunodeficient for a number of reasons such as genetics, age, radiotherapy, disease or if you have recently had a transplant.
  • If you taking some prescription medicines e.g. bisphosphonates (used to treat bone diseases) as these significantly delay healing.
  • If you have gum disease – this may destroy too much bone so there will not be enough to attach your implant to. A bout of gum disease could also seriously complicate the healing process after your implant and lead to infection and failure.
  • If you are prone to grinding or clenching your teeth you may not be able to have dental implants because your new, implanted tooth will not have the structure which protects it from the pressure grinding or clenching produce. This will complicate the healing process and could damage your prosthetic teeth and it can be extremely expensive to repair.
  • Type II Diabetes – poor blood circulation associated with this type of diabetes can jeopardise your healing after a dental implant.
  • If you don’t have enough bone to support the implants – If you have too little bone, or if your bone is too weak, your dentist will not be able to secure an implant to it and you may be deemed unsuitable for treatment. There are some treatments which can solve this problem but they are invasive and expensive. It is possible to undergo bone grafting, tissue regeneration and sinus augmentation in order to make your jaw suitable for dental implants.


When it comes to Dental Implants aftercare is of utmost importance if you want to have a long-lasting and successful implant. Your dentist will be able to give you detailed advice on how to look after your dental implants. Cleaning should be no more difficult than cleaning natural teeth although there may be areas that are harder to reach so your dentist will be able to show you how to clean these. You may also need to visit a dental hygienist more often.

The Next Step

If you have decided that you would like dental implants then the first step is to talk to your dentist. They may already carry out some or all of this type of treatment, and will give you the advice you need. Or they may refer you to an experienced ‘implantologist’ for assessment and treatment. Consultations such as these are usually free of charge although it is always best to check ahead of time.

Don’t forget to ask:

  • exactly what treatment you will receive
  • if the dentist will perform the procedure ‘in-house’ and if so what training and experience they have had or if not then which implantologist they will refer you to
  • an estimate of what the treatment is likely to cost
  • if there are any alternatives and what they are
  • if a guarantee is included in your treatment

If you are not happy with any of the answers you get to these questions then don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. You will be spending a lot of time, effort and money, so you must be sure that you know what you will be getting in terms of treatment and results and that you are happy with this.

If you do wish to proceed with having dental implants then make sure you receive a treatment plan.

If you would like more information about dental treatments then please check out this page to the British Dental Health Foundation :

Or if you would like further details on Dental Treatments in general then please check out the NHS Dental Treatments page :

Dental Implants

Teeth whitening Marsh Road

With the desire for a dazzlingly bright, white, healthy smile more popular than ever tooth whitening offers you one of the quickest and most simple ways of giving your smile a noticeable overhaul.

As we get older we can notice that our teeth start to darken- this is generally a natural occurrence but can be increased in a number of ways- the consumption of highly coloured foods like coffee, tea and red wine, smoking, certain antibiotics and tooth decay can all contribute to staining. Whitening treatment is a highly effective way of removing some of this staining- lightening the shade of your teeth but not damaging their surface in any way.

At Marsh Road you can choose from a number of treatment options- which can be carried out in the convenience of your own home, in the surgery or as a combination of both. For best results we recommend a combination of the two.

Why not pop in for a whitening consultation so that we can assess the technique which would best suit your requirements?
How does home whitening work?
Impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth and sent to our laboratory technicians who will custom make your whitening trays. You can choose to wear your trays during the day or night.
If you opt for daytime then the trays will need to be worn for between 1-2 hours daily over a period of 7 days.
Night whitening treatments should be worn throughout the night whilst you are asleep.

A demonstration and full written instructions will be given to you when you receive your trays and gels at your second appointment.

Teeth whitening Marsh Road