North Hill Dental Care – Do you have a dental phobia?

North Hill Dental Care is a mixed general dentist in Colchester, which sees both NHS and private patients and offers general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatments. The dental practice’s speciality is in treating nervous patients and people with dental phobias.

Dental Phobias

Dental phobias can range from a mild feeling of uneasiness when going to see the dentist to acute anxiety and panic attacks. Many people suffer the feeling of uneasiness or apprehension when visiting the dentist but a phobia can actually stop people visiting the dentist even when they need treatment. Dental phobias can often be triggered by the sound of the drill or the thought of needles, for some, it is the lack of control and for others a fear of pain. Sometimes, a dental phobia can be developed by a traumatic childhood experience whilst visiting a dentist. Anxiety UK has been helping people with anxiety and phobias since 1970 and further information can be found here on dental phobias.

North Hill Dental Care understand about dental phobias or whether you are a nervous patient. You just need to let them know and they can talk about your worries and work around the issue. If you have a phobia or fear of needles, they are able to use a topical numbing solution as a local anaesthetic for example.

If you need or would like to have a surgical treatment but are concerned, they are able to offer IV sedation. This type of sedation, which is delivered intravenously will eliminate your fears but you will still be able to communicate with the dentist and you will remain conscious. You will not remember very much of the treatment afterwards.

Emergency Dentist Colchester

Do you need a great emergency dentist in Colchester? If the answer is yes, look no further; North Hill Dental Care understand how distressing a dental emergency can be and will do their very best to see you straight away.

If you are unable to get to an emergency dentist immdiately, there are a few tips to try:-

Knocked out tooth – if this occurs, it can be stressful and painful and to save the tooth, it is best to see your dentist straight away. Whilst waiting to see your dentist, hold the tooth by the crown, which is the part that is visible in your mouth, and rinse gently in water but do not scrub the tooth or remove any bits of gum tissue. Attempt to put the tooth back in, making sure it is the right way around. If you can’t put it back in place, put the tooth in a pot of milk or some water containing a pinch of salt.

Abscess – these can be painful; rinse your mouth with warm salthy water and apply a cold compress to alleviate any swelling that may have occurred.

Lost Filling – you could try inserting a temporary filling material or some sugar-free chewing gum into the caity.

Lost Crown – if the crown looks pretty intact, it is possible to use an over the counter product, such as a dental cement or you could use sugar-free gum temporarily but make sure you don’t use any other kind of glue!

If you are nervous about seeing your dentist or have a dental phobia or a dental emergency, North Hill Dental Care in Colchester would be happy to see you. Please contact them on the details shown below.


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North Hill Dental Care – Do you have a dental phobia?