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Grange Farm Dental Practice is a dental practice based in Milton Keynes, which offers the latest techniques in Cosmetic & Restorative dentistry, teeth whitening and dental implants. They are proud of their experienced, friendly dental team who are always happy to help with all your enquiries.

They believe your smile is one of your most valuable assets, which is why they are dedicated to help each of their patients look after theirs. They pride themselves on their stringent cross infection control and advanced dental treatments and state-of-the-art technologies. They welcome you to their practice with personalised, expert dental care of the highest professional standard.

Alongside general dentistry, they also offer cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and dental implants.


Designed to fit over the front surface of a tooth to improve its colour and shape, or to close a gap in the smile. They can also be used to replace lost enamel or strengthen teeth. Porcelain veneers are used as they are very durable and create a natural aesthetic.


These are a dental restoration used to give strength to an existing tooth that has been damaged or broken. These can be used for chipped or broken teeth, old fillings that need replacing, weakened teeth, and to strengthen teeth following root canal procedures.

Teeth Whitening

Highly effective at lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface, and can eliminate surface or internal stains caused by such things as tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and age related darkening. There are various teeth whitening options and they will be happy to advise you on the best options for you.

Dental Implants

These are one of today’s most popular solutions to missing teeth. The benefits can be life changing, providing the answer to any embarrassment or discomfort caused by missing teeth or loose dentures. The great thing is they look and feel like natural teeth.

Why don’t you call the practice today to discuss your best options to get the smile you really want?

Grange Farm Dental Practice

Newhill Place, 27 Singleton Drive

Milton Keynes


Tel 01908 508 704



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Dentist Milton Keynes – Grange Farm Dental Practice

Dentist Alderley Edge – The Edge Dental


The Edge Dental is a dental practice based in Alderley Edge, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide their customers with the highest quality dental care when it suits them. The team of experienced dentists offer the latest techniques in preventative dental care, cosmetic and specialist dental treatments.

Their aim is to provide a family friendly dental service in a relaxed environment to ensure the patient’s visit is a pleasant and happy experience, always.

The Alderley Edge dentist provides all the usual services you would expect from a great dentist, such as hygienist, fillings, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth and dentures for patients. This is offered alongside teeth straightening, cosmetic dentistry and also facial aesthetics.

The principal dentist at this dental practice in Alderley Edge is Dr Rizwan Khawaja, also known as Riz by his patients, who graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010. As a certified dentist in Inman Aligner treatments, Riz has a passion for cosmetic dentistry. He is also working towards specialising in restorative dentistry in the near future.

Teeth Straightening

The dentist in Alderley Edge offers various teeth straightening options, these include Invisalign, the nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. Six Month Smiles, where the braces are visible but the tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets means they are much more discreet than normal braces. The Inman Aligner, this offers an effective solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. Cfast, is a simple, gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects alignment issues with the top and bottom front six teeth. Finally, Lingual Braces, these fit onto the back of your teeth and are an extremely discreet way of fixing a variety of orthodontic problems compared to traditional metal braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The services the dental practice offers under the cosmetic dentistry bracket includes crowns, veneers, bridges and tooth whitening.

Facial Aesthetics

If you are considering non-surgical cosmetics for a more youthful look, they use only the most modern techniques in facial aesthetics to ensure the best results in a safe and professional environment.

The Edge dental is regulated by the GDC (General Dental Council) so you know you are in safe hands. Why not book a consultation today.

The Edge Dentaldentist in Alderley Edge

6b London Road

Alderley Edge




Tel 01625 599 001



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Dentist Alderley Edge – The Edge Dental