Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre

Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre Is a Dental Practice located in Ipswich. Established for over 28 years serving the community with expert dental care. Woodbridge Road believes that preventive dentistry is the most important aspect of dentistry. Preventing the issue from ever happening is the most cost effective and healthy method for to achieve a great smile. Acknowledging that oral health has a direct effect on general health, Woodbridge Road takes pride in offering general dentist and hygiene appointments.

The Principal Dentist is Dr Senthil, he has a keen interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants. Having qualified in 2000, Dr Senthil continuously expands his clinical experience by taking the posts of Senior House Officer in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery department at various London Hospitals; and then completing 1-year Postgraduate certificate course on ‘Cosmetic & Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry’ in London. Senthil has maintained interest in the field of Implantology. He has pursued further training in this field receiving postgraduate qualifications, including a 2-year implant course held by the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

Woodbridge Road is currently taking on new patients from the Ipswich and Suffolk area. Offering an initial appointment check up consisting of 10 points:

  1. Questions and Concerns – Ask any questions or discuss any concerns regarding your oral health.
  2. Medical History – Discuss any medical history that could affect your dental health or potential treatments.
  3. Aesthetics – Talk about your smile and if you’re satisfied with it, photos may be taken for planning purposes.
  4. Teeth – The Dentist will examine your teeth to ensure there are no signs of decay, damage, wear or chips.
  5. Gums and Plaque – Carefully monitor the health of the gums and check for the presence of plaque build up.
  6. Existing Dental Work – Check existing previous dental treatment, such as crowns, bridges, dentures to ensure they are intact and working.
  7. Oral cancer screening – Checking he tongue, lips, cheeks, skin and glands for signs of mouth cancer.
  8. Tooth Wear and ‘bite’ – Examine how your teeth bite together to check for signs of excessive tooth wear.
  9. Jaw Joints – Check the jaw joints and muscles to ensure there are no abnormalities that could affect chewing ability.
  10. X-rays – Taking regular x-rays at regular intervals to ensure the areas inside, between and underneath your teeth are healthy.
Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre

Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre – dentist in Ipswich

Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre are a dentist in Ipswich; they pride themselves on providing dental care excellence for everyone in Ipswich and beyond.

The dentist in Ipswich has been established in this beautiful area of Ipswich for over 28 years, and they take great pride in serving the community with expert dental care. They believe preventative treatment is a priority, meaning you can maintain a good standard of oral health and keep dentally fit for life. They would be pleased to advise you on the best measures you can take to benefit your oral health. It has been clinically proven that oral health has a direct link to general health, which is why, regular visits to your dentist & hygienist are extremely important, and not only for keeping your smile looking its best!

Woodbridge Road Dental and Implant Centre offers friendly, affordable and flexible general dental care for the whole family. They take pride in their dentistry and endeavour to make your visit a pleasant one. Their services include routine general dentistry through to advanced implant dentistry.

They believe “everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile” as a smile conveys confidence and professionalism. The dentist in Ipswich works with their patients to address their desires and concerns, while simultaneously delivering the very best dentistry has to offer.

Hand in hand with their technical expertise is their focus on prevention; they strive to educate their patients on how they can maintain their optimal oral health. Together, they build and maintain a platform that supports healthy teeth and gums.

They strive to pursue growth by learning and challenging themselves to improve their knowledge and skills. They aim to provide exceptional, personalised care to ensure all of their patients experience optimal oral health.

They look forward to your visit. Book an appointment at Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre on 01473 728886 now for a consultation with their friendly team.

Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre – dentist in Ipswich

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Woodbridge Road Dental & Implant Centre – dentist in Ipswich