Dentist Thame Oxfordshire – Park Street Dental Clinic

Park Street Dental Clinic is a Cosmetic and Family Dentist in Thame Oxfordshire dedicated to providing the highest standards of oral health care for you and your family, in a friendly, safe and calm atmosphere. The highly skilled team at this dentist in Thame aim to provide you with a pleasant, painless and stress-free experience coupled with a caring and sympathetic manner.

The friendly staff at this Dentist in Thame Oxfordshire are patient-focused and provide all aspects of private dental care from teeth whitening to invisible braces if you need to straighten your teeth.  They are committed to providing quality dental care using the highest quality, longest lasting and most aesthetic materials and techniques and aspire to make every patient feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The practice is run by Dr Adam Conradi who took over in 2011 bringing a fresh outlook and approach to the practice. He has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and finds treating anxious patients most rewarding – he loves rebuilding their trust and achieving the results they’ve always wanted despite their nerves. Dr Conradi prides himself on his ability to understand and empathise with anxious and nervous patients.

The Dental Team at the Park Street Dental Clinic believe in preventing problems before they occur if possible. They will give oral health advice when needed to encourage you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They also provide a wide range of dental treatments including Clearstep braces, Inman Aligner braces, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Dental Implants and Dental Hygienist services. Should you need any dental treatment you will be provided with a clear written estimate and a treatment plan. Your dentist will discuss all your treatment options and will willingly answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

The Park Street Dental Clinic Dentist Thame Oxfordshire is centrally located in Thame. There is accessible off street parking available at the practice and on street parking available close by. Because your time is precious for your convenience this dentist in Thame Oxfordshire offers early morning and evening appointments. The appointments at this dentist in Thame Oxfordshire are punctual but should you have to wait there is free wi-fi available to make your visit more comfortable.


Park Street Dental Clinic – Dentist Thame Oxfordshire

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Dentist Thame Oxfordshire – Park Street Dental Clinic

Inman Aligner Treatment

What is Inman Aligner Treatment?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance and is an easy and hassle-free way of straightening crowded or protruding front teeth. It works best on the upper and lower front teeth as it is restricted in terms of the amount of movement it can achieve but the results can be very dramatic for suitable patients. The Inman Aligner gives a very real alternative to fixed or clear braces which work well but are slow and can be costly. This orthodontic device works very quickly and efficiently and your front teeth can be guided to an ideal position in as little as 6-18 weeks.

The Inman Aligner is visible and looks similar to a gumshield, with a clear casing that covers the teeth, and so it is still less visible than a conventional brace. It is also removable which means you can take it out for special occasions.


What happens during treatment?

The procedure starts with an initial consultation between you and the orthodontist. He or she will examine your teeth before taking a series of x-rays of your mouth. They will also take an impression of your teeth using a putty filled mould. This mould is used to form a cast which acts as a guide for the design of your brace. Once your brace is ready you will be fitted with it. It may take a few days to get used to wearing it but this is very common as your mouth has to adjust to wearing this new device. Your speech may be slightly affected and you may salivate a little more however this settles down once you are used to wearing it after the first couple of weeks. The Inman Aligner should ideally be worn for 20-24 hours a day – the longer you wear it the quicker the results.

The Inman Aligner works by a push-pull mechanism – it utilizes a coiled Nickel Titanium spring to create force on the inside of the back of the teeth (the ‘lingual’ side). A metal bar rests across the front of the teeth which gently squeezes the teeth into their correct position.


Does it hurt?

Treatment with an Inman Aligner can cause some initial discomfort to the patient in the first 3-7 days. However, the level of discomfort is very similar to that experienced by patients who have been fitted with a traditional wire and bracket brace.


What is the cost?

Typically the cost starts at around £1000 for one arch and may rise to £3000 for two.



Once your teeth are correctly aligned you will need to maintain your new smile in its improved position. This can be achieved either by using a clear snap in retainer worn at night (usually 2 nights a week) or by gluing a retainer behind the teeth where it will not be seen but will support them in their new position.


Further Information

If you require further information then check out the NHS website article about Root Canal Treatment:



Inman Aligner Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry Knebworth

As well as general dentistry, Knebworth offer an attractive pick of cosmetic treatments to perk up your smile and boost your confidence. So, if you can’t stop covering your mouth, refuse to smile for photos or are just plain embarrassed about your less than perfect teeth, take a good look at our smile enhancing solutions:

• Brighten up your look with our safe, effective teeth whitening treatments – choose to wear gel filled trays at home or go for Teeth Whitening in practice
• Sort out missing teeth with our natural looking dentures that are custom-made to fit perfectly.
• Conceal discoloured or damaged teeth with thin porcelain veneers or go for a complete cover up with specially designed crowns.
• Avoid the need for unsightly metal fillings by choosing composite (white) fillings to blend in with your natural teeth and if your tooth needs more extensive restoration then a tailor-made inlay or onlay can subtly repair any damage.
• Have your misaligned or badly spaced teeth quickly and discreetly repositioned with the innovative braces

Whether you are looking to just freshen up or totally transform your look, our highly qualified team of dental experts are here to help.

Cosmetic dentistry Knebworth

Cosmetic dentistry Knebworth

Ivy Cosmetic Dentist

What would you change about your smile?

Recent research by the British Dental Health Foundation and Invisalign shows that one in four people in the UK are unhappy with their teeth. In fact, up to 70% of us are so unhappy with our teeth that we avoid smiling in photographs all together!
This doesn’t come as much of a surprise though- when you consider that the smile is one of the features we most notice and remember about someone when we first meet them. Likewise, our own smile will give an instant (and long-term) impression of us to someone else.
In our modern times, with constant access to social media and the internet we are bombarded with pictures of stunning celebrities and their perfect smiles. It’s no wonder then that many of us can feel self-conscious about our own teeth.

Whether they are crooked or misaligned, stained and discoloured, missing or overcrowded the list of desired improvements is endless and varied.

Cosmetic dentistry Edinburgh

Ivy Cosmetic Dentist

Dentist Winchester – Gentle Dental Care

 Gentle Dental Care dentist in Winchester is a well established, cosmetic dental practice which has been in Winchester for over 25 years.

The practice moved location from the outskirts of Winchester to a more central area, Parchment Street in 2008 – meaning our patient base now enjoy a larger, modern and more accessible clinic.

Above all, we wanted to continue to provide the best quality dental care in a relaxed and modern environment as well as widen the range of cosmetic dental treatments on offer.

Gentle Dental Care Winchester Dentists provide a wide range of dental treatments – from preventative dental care including dental hygiene as well as cosmetic dentistry to make you proud of your smile including teeth whitening and Invisalign, the clear aligner that straightens your teeth.

Also available are various facial rejuvenation treatments, such as botox, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments applied in a professional and regulated manner.

We aim to give full commitment to our patients attending our clinic and provide the very best general and cosmetic dental care. Accepting new patients today.


Dentist Winchester

Gentle Dental Care

6b Parchment Street,


SO23 8AT

Dentist Winchester – Gentle Dental Care

Dentist Hampstead – Linda Greenwall

Linda Greenwall is an award winning private dentist in Hampstead London. She runs a multi-disciplined practice which has been established since 1993 specialising in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.

The team at this dentist in Hampstead are friendly and have many specialisms covering all aspects of modern dentistry including endodontics, dental implants and oral surgery. The whole team at Linda Greenwall’s dental practice is patient focused and they are committed to providing the highest quality of oral health care in the most gentle, efficient and caring manner possible and will take excellent care of you and your family. They pride themselves on the highest standards of dental care and are dedicated to fully understanding your dental needs and wants before treatment and providing you with exceptional service and quality of treatment.

Dr Greenwall herself is an international lecturer and an authority on aesthetic dentistry and tooth whitening. She has written several books and many papers for dentistry magazines and is also chairperson for the Alpha Omega Society 2012/13 and Editor-in-chief of the journal Aesthetic Dentistry Today. Linda lectures both in the UK and internationally on the subjects of tooth bleaching, aesthetic dentistry, tooth whitening and practice management and runs hugely popular Aesthetic seminars for dental professionals looking to further their skills. In 2011 she launched a charity – the Dental Wellness Trust – which aims to raise dental awareness in less fortunate communities around the world.

Your first visit to this dentist in Hampstread will consist of a thorough examination which will include any necessary photographs or x-rays of your teeth. These will help the dental team make an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your teeth and gums. Following this visit you will be asked to return to the practice and you will be provided with a dental report and a recommended plan of treatment.

Dr Linda Greenwall’s dental practice specialises in Tooth whitening and advanced whitening, Invisalign and orthodontic treatment, Dental Implants and full smile makeovers, Crowns, bridges and veneers, specialist restorative dentistry, dental hygiene services and also child hygiene and oral education.

This dentist in Hampstead is conveniently located with a tube station nearby (Belsize Park on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line) and also the Hampstead Heath Overground Railway station close by. There are several bus stops close to the practice and there is also on street parking available outside the practice itself.

Linda Greenwall Dentist Hampstead – they can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Linda Greenwall – Dentist Hampstead

5 Elm Terrace

Constantine Road



Tel : 0207 267 7070

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Dentist Hampstead – Linda Greenwall

Cosmetic Dentist – Queens Cross

A smile makeover can be subtle or dramatic. Tooth whitening is one of the most simple and quick ways to give your smile a new look. The replacement of amalgam fillings with tooth coloured composite can also dramatically freshen the look of your mouth. One or more broken teeth can be successfully replaced to restore look and function, whilst crooked and misaligned teeth can be quickly straightened with a variety of braces and aligners- even if teeth require significant movement.

Many of our cosmetic treatments are more comfortable than expected with modern braces now very discreet- some are even invisible! Bespoke treatments can be planned in advance giving greatly reduced treatment times and making them more cost-effective.

Whatever you’d like to change or improve, don’t just assume it isn’t possible. The right treatment really is there for everyone.
Cosmetic dentist Aberdeen

Cosmetic Dentist – Queens Cross