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Highfield Dental Care is a dentist in Southampton who care about your smile. We ask the question, what makes a smile beautiful? For the team at Highfield Dental Care, it’s when you have the confidence to smile broadly showing all your teeth without embarrassment. If you don’t feel like that now, rest assured that you will if you visit them at the practice.


Millions of adults in the UK are unhappy with their teeth and their smile. They may try to hide their smile with their hands or get embarrassed when they smile. If you are proud of your teeth and smile, you are more likely to smile naturally, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence.


Highfield Dental Care in Southampton like to approach dentistry differently, and they are proud to attest that health is what matters most. If you dream of a strong, healthy, confident smile, you have found the right place.

Aswell as general dentistry, hygienist appointments, teeth whitening, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, the Southampton dentist offers Six Month Smiles.


Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment, which is used to straighten out crooked or wonky teeth. You could transform your smile in a matter of months. It uses ultra clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which are barely visible. It provides impressive results in around six months.


Many dentists agree that traditional teeth braces are the quickest and most effective way of straightening out teeth, the Six Month Smiles treatment takes the good bits of traditional metal wire braces and simply updates it to be less noticeable for the wearer.


There are also health benefits for having orthodontic treatment to help straighten your teeth. Reaching the harmful bacterial plaque that builds up on teeth and causes gum disease is more difficult if the teeth are crooked or overlap – straight teeth can be easier to clean.

Some people are put off by the length of time they assume orthodontic treatment takes and many think they will have to have teeth taken out – but that’s not the case with Six Month Smiles.

If you would like further information about the Six Month Smiles

Highfield Dental Care – Dentist Southampton

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Highfield Dental Care – Dentist in Southampton

Inspired Dentistry

Inspired Dentistry is a friendly dentist in Southampton. Everyone at the practice is dedicated to providing the very best in dental healthcare for all the family.

They believe that each person is a unique and special individual who deserves the very best treatment, and they are committed to giving you just that.

Their treatments include dental implants, sedation, smile makeovers and dentures. In addition to cosmetic dentistry such as tooth whitening, veneers, composite fillings, plus dental hygienist treatment.

Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants could be the solution for you. They allow you to smile freely and eat with total confidence again. Some people complain of uncomfortable dentures or get embarrassed when their dentures start to slip when talking or eating, well with dental implants; this embarrassment will disappear.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are where small titanium screws are implanted into your jaw bone, and these can be used to hold natural looking crowns in place offering a truly secure, comfortable and long-lasting alternative for those who suffer from missing teeth.

The dental implant replicates the structure of your natural tooth. Over a period, the titanium screws fuse with your natural bone, which helps to hold them in place.

Dental implants can be fitted whatever your age or condition of your natural teeth. The main factors used to consider whether you would be able to have dental implants is your general health, the condition of your gums and your potential for a successful recovery.

Will the fitting hurt?

Implants are normally fitted under a local anaesthetic, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure, although you may experience some discomfort in the days and weeks afterwards. If you are particularly nervous or your case is more complex, then a sedative can be used. Overall, placing an implant is generally easier than removing a tooth.

During the recovery time, a temporary restoration (or full dentures) can be worn if required.

Every patient is unique, and your requirements will be discussed with you before commencement. Long term care is vital, and regular check-ups and other maintenance will be scheduled as required.

Over 95% of implants are successful, and with good levels of oral health and regular long-term care, they can last for 15 years or more.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants in Southampton, please contact us today to find out more.

If you would like more information on dental implants, please click here

Inspired Dentistry

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Inspired Dentistry

Highfield Dental Care – Emergency Dentist in Southampton


Highfield Dental Care is a dental practice located in Southampton. The dentist is a dedicated, independent private practice with an excellent reputation and location. Their premises has housed a dental practice since the 1960s, and they especially liked the previous dentist’s philosophy towards customer care, which they endeavour to continue.

They meet and surpass the strict guidelines set by the General Dental Council and are very proud of their meticulous approach to cleanliness and patient safety.

Do you need an emergency dentist in Southampton? Maybe you have a cracked or broken tooth, or you are in a lot of pain. A toothache and cracked, or broken teeth can be extremely painful, and it is important to go and see a dentist straight away.

Other dental emergencies could include wisdom tooth pain and dental abscesses.

So if you are in pain with your teeth, please call us straight away, and we will provide you with an emergency appointment.

We allocate appointments every day for dental emergencies, so please try to call us as early as possible, and we will do our utmost to see you on the same day. If you require emergency treatment outside of our normal opening hours, please call us on 0238 202 6128 and listen to the recorded message, which will provide information.

Why choose Highfield Dental Care in Southampton?

  • Your smile is unique to you and therefore so is our approach
  • Health is at the heart of our philosophy – healthy teeth and gums are the foundation for all that we do
  • Our minimally invasive approach means we cherish your natural tooth tissue and take all steps to preserve it
  • We want to ensure you can smile for life
  • We provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic and restorative treatments
  • We are gentle, considerate, caring and most of all, we think you will enjoy your visits

Highfield Dental Care – 0238 202 6128

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Highfield Dental Care – Emergency Dentist in Southampton