Queens Cross: Orthodontics


Treatments to gain a beautiful, straight and healthy smile.

Braces are the most common way to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps or improve problems with bite. A brace offers the most effective, safe and precise way of moving teeth whilst significantly improving the look, function and health of your mouth.

For younger patients, braces are generally very effective. Any issues can be rectified quickly and successfully. Treatment in the younger years can also significantly help improve facial features and address any problems with speech.

Tooth straightening is now a very popular treatment in adults. There are many reasons for this. Some may have missed the chance of orthodontic treatment in childhood, others may not have been keen on the thought of noticeable metal braces or have discovered that orthodontic treatment undertaken in childhood has since relapsed.
If you are considering straightening your teeth you’ll be pleased to hear that metal braces are no longer the only way to a beautiful, straight smile. Instead there are a number of highly discreet, convenient, comfortable and affordable options available.

Queens Cross offer a number of teeth straightening solutions in Aberdeen including Six Month Smiles, Inman Aligner and Smilelign.

Queens Cross: Orthodontics

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