Inman Aligner Treatment

What is Inman Aligner Treatment?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance and is an easy and hassle-free way of straightening crowded or protruding front teeth. It works best on the upper and lower front teeth as it is restricted in terms of the amount of movement it can achieve but the results can be very dramatic for suitable patients. The Inman Aligner gives a very real alternative to fixed or clear braces which work well but are slow and can be costly. This orthodontic device works very quickly and efficiently and your front teeth can be guided to an ideal position in as little as 6-18 weeks.

The Inman Aligner is visible and looks similar to a gumshield, with a clear casing that covers the teeth, and so it is still less visible than a conventional brace. It is also removable which means you can take it out for special occasions.


What happens during treatment?

The procedure starts with an initial consultation between you and the orthodontist. He or she will examine your teeth before taking a series of x-rays of your mouth. They will also take an impression of your teeth using a putty filled mould. This mould is used to form a cast which acts as a guide for the design of your brace. Once your brace is ready you will be fitted with it. It may take a few days to get used to wearing it but this is very common as your mouth has to adjust to wearing this new device. Your speech may be slightly affected and you may salivate a little more however this settles down once you are used to wearing it after the first couple of weeks. The Inman Aligner should ideally be worn for 20-24 hours a day – the longer you wear it the quicker the results.

The Inman Aligner works by a push-pull mechanism – it utilizes a coiled Nickel Titanium spring to create force on the inside of the back of the teeth (the ‘lingual’ side). A metal bar rests across the front of the teeth which gently squeezes the teeth into their correct position.


Does it hurt?

Treatment with an Inman Aligner can cause some initial discomfort to the patient in the first 3-7 days. However, the level of discomfort is very similar to that experienced by patients who have been fitted with a traditional wire and bracket brace.


What is the cost?

Typically the cost starts at around £1000 for one arch and may rise to £3000 for two.



Once your teeth are correctly aligned you will need to maintain your new smile in its improved position. This can be achieved either by using a clear snap in retainer worn at night (usually 2 nights a week) or by gluing a retainer behind the teeth where it will not be seen but will support them in their new position.


Further Information

If you require further information then check out the NHS website article about Root Canal Treatment:



Inman Aligner Treatment

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