Teeth whitening Marsh Road

With the desire for a dazzlingly bright, white, healthy smile more popular than ever tooth whitening offers you one of the quickest and most simple ways of giving your smile a noticeable overhaul.

As we get older we can notice that our teeth start to darken- this is generally a natural occurrence but can be increased in a number of ways- the consumption of highly coloured foods like coffee, tea and red wine, smoking, certain antibiotics and tooth decay can all contribute to staining. Whitening treatment is a highly effective way of removing some of this staining- lightening the shade of your teeth but not damaging their surface in any way.

At Marsh Road you can choose from a number of treatment options- which can be carried out in the convenience of your own home, in the surgery or as a combination of both. For best results we recommend a combination of the two.

Why not pop in for a whitening consultation so that we can assess the technique which would best suit your requirements?
How does home whitening work?
Impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth and sent to our laboratory technicians who will custom make your whitening trays. You can choose to wear your trays during the day or night.
If you opt for daytime then the trays will need to be worn for between 1-2 hours daily over a period of 7 days.
Night whitening treatments should be worn throughout the night whilst you are asleep.

A demonstration and full written instructions will be given to you when you receive your trays and gels at your second appointment.

Teeth whitening Marsh Road

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