Marsh Road Dental: Cfast


Many people in the UK are unhappy and lacking in confidence when it comes to their smile. If you have gaps or twisted and crooked teeth then you may have considered tooth straightening options in the past but been put off by traditional ‘train track’ braces which can be painful, unattractive and lengthy.
Cfast is a modern option giving patients a more discreet and efficient way to get the smile they’ve always wanted. The system works by targeting only those teeth which show when you smile – straightening teeth quickly and safely with tooth coloured braces, clear brackets and nickel titanium wires.

Unlike other brands of ‘invisible brace’, Cfast can be seen- but due to their manufacture they are subtle and attractive. The main positive of the Six Month Smile is the speed at which treatment takes place. With braces tailored to individual requirements and patented smile tray kits used, results are more predictable resulting in shorter, more comfortable and hygienic appointment times for the patient.

Will Cfast work for me?

Many people have benefitted from the Cfast system. It is suitable for top and bottom teeth and is successful in treating a variety of mild to complex cosmetic dental issues.

Marsh Road Dental: Cfast

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