Queens Cross: Dental Implants

Queens Cross: Dental Implants Aberdeen

A dental implant is a specially engineered replacement for a missing or badly decayed tooth. It can also be an effective alternative to loose-fitting or uncomfortable dentures. Implants work by successfully replicating a natural tooth- with a titanium screw acting as the root and a strong porcelain crown fitting on top to replace it. The result is a securely fixed, hard-wearing and natural looking implant which can have a number of benefits- both aesthetically and health-wise.
A missing tooth may not be causing you any problems at the moment but in the long-term it could result in a number of issues.

• A missing tooth can have a significant effect on your overall facial features. Each time you eat your gums and supporting bones are stimulated by your teeth. If this stops then the supporting bone can start to shrink. Over time, as bone density and volume decreases the muscle and skin on your face can start to sag- resulting in premature ageing.
• When a tooth is missing your remaining teeth can move or twist meaning that they become misaligned or crooked.
• If you have gaps then food and bacteria can get easily trapped increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
• Missing teeth can make it harder to eat certain foods.
• Depending on where it is a missing tooth can also cause problems with speech.
• If your gap is very visible you may feel self-conscious and lacking in confidence. Many people actively avoid particular social situations, having photographs taken or struggle with work because they are embarrassed by their missing tooth or teeth.

Dental Implants are available at Queens Cross Dental, Aberdeen.

Queens Cross: Dental Implants

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